I remember some years ago, when people started talking about digital marketing, nobody had any idea how the Internet could work to get customers and how a company will achieve a predominant position on the web. What we knew was that people were leaving other means of communication such as the press, radio, and television to concentrate on the Internet, and find a way to call the attention of internet users. Today and over the years a methodology has been developed in order to guarantee that you can reach anyone, anywhere; in addition, with the advantage that gives us mobile devices. As a consequence, we can analyze internet marketing.

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The difference between this article with other online marketing courses that you find online is that this article is done as a list, which means that you can try any of these points and will generate positioning and sales. I can guarantee that whoever who can apply any of these tasks will position his/her website and company on the Internet.
On one hand, I have not wasted time explaining basic concepts, since it would make this article too extensive, and on the other hand, this is a practical course, with tasks that you can start applying immediately. If you don´t understand a basic concept, then Google it, you will find pages that explain that concept very well, then, once the concept is understood, go back to the article, and apply the specific strategy that you found in that point.

The guide is filled with a list of the best online marketing tools, for example looking for tools to spy on the competition, you can consult at any time these tools directly going to the number corresponding to that task, in this case would be numbers 49 and 71. If for example looking for graphic design tools for designers and non – bank free images, you can go to the number 37.


If you are an entrepreneur and you think to start a business, this course is the best starting point as it guides you through the entire process, from designing your first website, to customer loyalty. So, if you don´t have a web page, you should start with section F, which is dedicated to web design from scratch, then I recommend reading the section dedicated to content marketing and then the one that corresponds to social networks. This article is made to develop any project of Internet entrepreneurship, without spending a single weight. Even I’ll explain how to make money online with affiliate marketing in point 72 of this guide.

You should also visit our blog, where we talk about neuromarketing, and in any of our items you will learn new sales techniques. To begin, you should read our article: neuromarketing AND 200 WORDS TO AWAKEN EMOTIONS IN THE READER.


In this free course, I deal with the main topics of online marketing, which come to be the services we offer in our company and you can buy them from any country, through our online store. I wrote everything in a single article in order to collect as many online marketing tools in one place, so that you can consult it at any time, so I recommend adding to favorites.

The following is the content of the article, and the main topics will distinguish them because they are highlighted with Blue.

A. Advertising on the internet.
B. Content Marketing Strategies.
C. Email Marketing Strategies.
D. Marketing Strategies in Social Networks.
E. Strategies for positioning in search engines.
F. Strategies for web page design.
G. Web Analytics.
H. Growth Hacking Strategies.
I. Neuromarketing and Sales techniques.

If you want to start applying all the techniques, you should read the article, and then make a marketing plan that tells you where to start, what tasks to do daily, for how long, what goals to achieve, how to measure results. Otherwise, it can be confused in the middle of so much information, start tasks and not finish, and could be distracted with so much new information that appears daily in other online marketing blogs. It is important to take the expertise to plan actions that achieve specific results in a given time, and that we can measure. In any case, you can use our consulting services in which you will receive help to create your digital marketing plan.


Unlike other media such as television, newspapers and radio; internet advertising is cheaper, measurable and reaches directly to those who are interested in your product.


It is a real shame that this tool is used by people who don’t know anything about it, and this has made people think that AdWords is a waste of money. This is a wrong concept because AdWords is a fair tool because you only pay per person you get to your website, and advanced settings, you pay only for person who subscribes to your formulary or buy from your online store. In the ads you must present specific solutions, to the needs that the client hopes to solve when doing the search in Google.


LinkedIn is a social network for Microsoft professionals, and they can focus your publicity to make decisions in a company with better qualified prospects. Think that the managers of the companies that are interested in your products are on LinkedIn. When campaigning, you can segment by company, position, functions, studies. In LinkedIn, you can promote a publication for your company page. Advertising on LinkedIn is the most expensive, since each click has an average cost of $ 2.5.

Advertising on Facebook and Twitter can be used to get followers, which will gradually become buyers. The main advantage of these social networks are the levels of segmentation, where we can know very specific tastes, and based on this create a product for that segment. Facebook is the most economic advertising company with a cost of 0.1 USD. It has more than 1000 million users, who have all the personal information and its activity, and which you can segment to very detailed levels like charge, interests and more. To start with advertising on Facebook, first analyzes the competition with tools like Alexa.com or similarweb.com. Analyze the type of audience that comes to you, analyze your followers in social networks, make an ideal client profile, as we discussed in point 39 of this guide, and thus you will have an idea where to begin to segment, which is the specific niche. Spend time finding the specific audience, and creating the specific message to that audience.

Nowadays, newsletters don´t work very much, people do not leave their mail for anything. You must create a Lead Magnet, in which you identify the main needs of your audience, and create something good to give. Here I recommend making a Text A / B until finding the product with the best answer. The best example of using this technique his with HubSpot, which directs their advertising to those who like marketing pages, and offers them a free advertising book on social networks. Then those who click on the advertising, arrive at a web page where they ask for the mail to get the book. Depending on your company, you must create Lead Magnet with titles like: “Tricks that use decorators to get a wow effect”, “how to reduce stress in just 10 minutes with this trick” and so on.


Thanks to Google Analytics, we can keep track of people coming to your website and segmenting them according to their behavior, for example: those who left their shopping cart, who visited a certain section. With that list, you can create an offer designed in such consumer, and then show it to them wherever they are, or when they return to search Google. An additional advantage is in finding other remarketing lists made by other users.
Retargeting on Facebook with Perfect Audience. The first thing is to insert the code, and then you should start by creating a list of clients based on visits to certain specific zones or products, define the conversions they should make on the web, and then create a campaign to get back to users who previously interacted with the mark To make Retargeting on Twitter uses AdRoll.


If you have an extensive list of e – mails obtained by different means, then this list you can upload to Google AdWords and display advertising on their email accounts, web pages, and Android devices.


With advertising on the Display Network, we can show display ads on pages that have themes that may be of interest to our prospects. We should make a list of pages, and videos on YouTube, where we can show our ads, to see people who may be very interested. Once the page or video is found where our target audience reaches, then you take them to your website, where the product related to what is shown in the advertisement. You must analyze that it can interest to who sees that video or that page, and creates a product exclusive for them. The cost of advertising on the display network is on average $ 0.1.

Another use of the Display Network is to use it as a strategy to get mail quickly. For this you must create an attractive enough product, a lead magnet, that everyone who sees advertising is very interested in obtaining that free product. Then clicking on the advertisement takes you to a very specific landing page, also called Squeeze Page, which contains a form that you must fill out to obtain the product. This page, should not have menus, or anything that distracts. To help convince, you must have samples of the product you are going to get and all the benefits of the product. If the title is good, you do not need as much nonsense. It would be ideal if the visitor does not scrolling. To know what works best, if a campaign on Facebook or Display, you must do a Text A / B.


Merchant Center is a tool that allows you to upload your product data to Google store, allows you to upload all the information on your product: Photos, prices, store name. In addition you can advertise with Google AdWords, with ads shopping, which appear at the top of the search engine, showing the photo and price of your products, this will cause the person to have a clear idea before you click, and if you Click is because there is a high probability that you will buy, this way, your campaigns will come out cheaper. If you have an online store where you sell products; Then you have the obligation to create a shopping campaign.


Dynamic ads are special sites and digital stores with more than 100 products, and whose products change some time, such as seasonal products, because with dynamic ads would not be necessary to carry out specific ads for each product or using keywords but these ads are generated automatically and displayed according to the user specific searches, and of course they match the content on your website. It is not recommended for websites that change their content very quickly, they change daily promotions, since such changes are not detected immediately. You save time because you do not have to re-create the campaigns when you update your product, and also increase traffic.


You can set your campaign to only make phone calls. In the ad, people will see a call button on which they can press it for the mobile phone to dial your company. These campaigns do not lead to any web page, and the CPC is normal.


With Google My Business you can add the address of your company to appear in search results and help visitors find your business. You can also set up your account to display the views that customers have within the search results. Those opinions would be displayed in the form of comments and ratings with stars. A tool used to generate a link that leads directly to make a comment on Google My Business is Google Review Link Generator.
Once you’ve added your business address and comment option in Google My Business, you can integrate these two options into ad extensions so that they appear next to a Google AdWords ad. Other ad extensions include extensions to sitelinks, calls, and featured text.

What do you think? These tasks will help you to implement your business advertising.


Create viral content to be published in all media: Blog, social networks and videos.
Content is king of the internet, the formula is simple, the more original content and quality you offer your visitors, the more you will grow in prestige and positioning. If you have a blog for your company; Then you automatically perform actions for other channels, because on the one hand the search engines find you easier, your audience can share your publications in social networks, you can integrate it into Email Marketing and this way people will leave your mail, and finally you can analyze to your audience. Also, do not forget an important rule: “Traffic generates more traffic”.

It is best way to invest effort in making an article that responds effectively to your audience’s most pressing needs or concerns, rather than spending time on other techniques.


Before writing, consider a plan content, you can use the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). Then you must define your target audience, the marketing objectives, the most appropriate keywords, and the strategies to achieve them. You can use tools to find content such as: Appinions, Booshaka . InWeAreContent.com help you to create the content. In the content plan, you must list which items will be viral, what items will be made for the buyers, how often are you going to make a video or an infographic.
In the content plan, you must measure how long you are going to delay investigating the keywords, getting the material, doing the content, distributing it, promoting it, positioning it, and what the cost of all this will be. You can even use tools like Facebook Ads or Google AdWords to promote a particular article. Additionally, you must integrate a web analytics tool, measure the percentage of rebound, the actions that the visitor makes when viewing the article, which report benefit for your company. It determines how it compensates for what is invested and compares with other means.


The key to viral content is to invest enough time to do something that leaves you speechless and fascinated to read. You have to offer something practical and that you can apply it to solve some need. When writing, you must write enough information, but not confuse the reader. If you want to create everyday items, be aware that you cannot decrease the amount, because google penalizes that fact.

Find out which are the issues in which you have more doubts, and make an article explaining how it works and then offers your service. Analyze your services and the type of needs that your potential client has, based on it, create different articles for each service. The article must give a specific solution to a specific need. You must take the article and write it according to the different ways of looking for each prospect, in the terms that he understands. Purchase a domain EMD for each specialized service, and dedicated to write specifically solve every concern and need for your prospect article. Strive to make you aware of the needs you have, and how your product solves it.

Analyze those who appear in the first places, and see how to do better than them, as meeting needs that they do not offer. Read the comments on the social networks of the customers of these companies, see their questions. Then create an article with the solution. This article should be better than anyone, and should place you as an expert in the industry.


Search the most popular issues of the day, using the tools Google trends, and buzzsumo.com. Do research of keywords with the highest search volume using Google Keyword Planner. On the website of your competition, looking for pages that have more inbound links with Open Site Explorer. Based on this, make an article to be found on the internet. Once people get there, directional to others of your articles that generate intent to buy. If you want to automate the process of posting articles on social networks and further the logo of your company adds, you can use: Postcron. Nuzzel, collects the links that have shared our followers on Twitter and ranks them according to our need. Twiphoshows your photos and videos for a specific hashtag or keyword.

If you want to attract large audiences, then you must create a link baiting strategy, which is to create viral articles, for example tutorials and free courses, type it yourself. They are also highly sought after Tops, things that are fashionable, exclusive news that will soon trend, a debate, a list of free things, a list of the best things in something. These tops and high rankings articles generate good traffic, is a good tactic for websites that have very specific audiences, and offers services that do not sound very flashy. For example, if you’re a veterinarian, then post a post with: “The 5 Rare Dogs in the World”. If you are a website that sells movies, then write: “The Top 5 Scary Movies”. If you are a travel agency, write “5 dream tourist sites”.

If you have implemented advertising with Google AdSense on your website; Then you can make a profit on your items. For this you must investigate which words pay more per click and then make an article based on that keyword. Research these keywords in sites with lots of information like newspapers and Wikipedia, placing your address in a tool like SEMrush.


Check which articles are generating the most traffic, and in them creates links to other pages of your website. These articles create a call to action and offers something of value, which will make the reader want to fill out a form. If your article is about a particular topic, then you can create a group on Facebook with readers of the article. Check which articles are making your audience leave the site, or have few visits, and add more content, investigate what other keywords are using the public to refer to that page, and add new content that helps the searcher to bring people to you. Of course, to analyze all this information you must use Google Analytics.
Make a super complete and useful article, then share it across all groups and communities on social networks. TwitterFeed allows you to automate the publication of your blog. Googomi turns your Google Plus account in Feed. When you have a steady stream of visitors, use your article so that visitors can go to other sites on your page, especially your most attractive products. Use your best article for when you contact cold clients through social networks.

Optimize your best article, add more valuable content and erase incoherent or outdated parts. Optimize SEO on Page, images, keywords, internal links. Add new calls to action, locate new psychological triggers within the content.


Making videos is the best way to connect with the audience. Moreover, it is preferable that on your web page, use videos to explain what you do, the services you offer, this generates a lot of confidence. You only need one camera and the rest of the video editing program is handled. Of course, if you can make a video with effects, good animation, then the conversion levels rise to the clouds. Then these videos can be published on your blog, and on all social networks. Invest all your efforts in making videos of quality, well explanatory, you will be well rewarded.
Regarding content marketing, the videos that are most sought are the “How to do”, for example: “How to make a video for YouTube”, “How to make a tie knot”, “How to make an Android application”. It all depends on the type of product you offer. If you sell insurance, for example you can make a video indicating how to do the procedure to take out vehicle insurance. You can also make tops of things that you find on the internet and that are related to your company. It helps a lot to make a video to complement the article.

Now let’s talk about tools. If you do a video and require a broadcaster to go narrating the action, then voicebunny.com, it is the most appropriate site. In Fiverr, made videos explaining whiteboard to present your products, from 5 dollars. Magic Makers, is a Colombian website explanatory videos made with touches of humor and hand. Some tools to make videos without using camera are: Videomakerfx.com, PowToon.com, Videolean.com. To make video tutorials from your desktop, you can use: Active Presenter. To convert PowerPoint presentation to video, try these tools: Xilisoft.com, authorstream.com. You can complement your strategy for creating multimedia content with Podcasts using Spreaker.com


Within the content you should always have a method that captures the client. The most common is to use a form. That form should be eye-catching and so it should be accompanied by a large image and text that shows the benefits of leaving your mail. For people to fill out the form you should always offer something of value, such as discounts, contests, downloadable PDF, 30-day product test. Other actions you can invite to do, is to give I like, to follow you in social networks. The important thing is not to leave your site without doing something of value to you.


You have to be clear that every publication you make, has to generate some profit. So, compare the effort you make, with the compensation you get. The first data is the expense that involves marketing content for you, then you must measure how many of those people who visualize the content, come to perform some action that benefits your company. I recommend that if you want to accurately measure the performance of your marketing content, implements the UTM code of Google Analytic within the links you post both emails and social networks. With this lets you know which channels are performing better, and action value make visitors when they enter your site.

We help with content marketing in your company.


Email Marketing is the most effective sales tool because it allows you to segment your audience, is affordable, measurable, and everyone reads their e mail. The mail must be the first means of contact, then the social networks and finally the chat. With the mail, you keep your customers informed, develop branding and brand identity, generate direct sales through offers and promotions. There are several tools for Email Marketing Email: MailChimp, Getresponse, Aweber, MailRelay (allows free 15,000 subscribers), Compravista, Zoho, Doppler, BenchMarkeMail, among others.


Start by benchmarking where you collect information from competitors and get ideas about the effective methods they used with you or others. You must know the reader’s worldview, who you write to and why you write, what your interests are. Then you must segment them by gender, geographical area, and habits. Define objectives of the group of emails sent in campaigns, such as: emails you send in the Christmas season be with the aim of increasing subscribers. Once you have a very specific segment, you must also define an objective by Email, you must be clear that information, benefit, discount or promotion you are sending to that segment respond positively. Create a monthly Email Marketing calendar for sending Emails and meeting goals. Define the tools you are going to use for both free and paid, images and the type of design.


To capture the mail on your site I recommend Sumome, showing pictures form anywhere, either by entering the page, in a pop -up window, or in a bar at the bottom. The advantage of Sumome, is that instead of a form to capture mail, you can also display a box to follow you on Facebook. An alternative to display a pop -up window capture post is Leadin of HubSpot. You can also capture email directly from any website. Find That Lead is a Chrome extension that shows a user ‘s email LinkedIn. Auto Email Extractor is an extension that detects mail from a website. You should take the daily routine of capturing 5 quality emails daily.

Take advantage of all the emails you have, find a way to extract it from social networks. For example, LinkedIn, we can have access to all of our fan mail contacts. By having such emails, you can add them to your Facebook Fan Page to follow. Search for all contacts from all possible sources, and then use them on every social network. Finally add contacts to an Email Marketing campaign. Aggregate them gradually so that the Email Marketing tool does not assume it as SPAM. To send the emails, please segmentte them enough, and then create a campaign according to interest. I recommend using two Email Marketing tools, one that is official, and another that is to test the response when sending messages. In the second Email Marketing tool, you can use a second domain, so that the rating of your website is not affected by bounced emails.

If the emails capture them from the web page, then install a WordPress plugin called Magic Action Box, which allows you to create a form with an image. In the forms offer a PDF, which will be received when you subscribe. The key to success is having a PDF that is attractive, relevant enough that it is inevitable to leave the data in order to obtain it.My recommendation is that you take the most popular article on your blog, and with the make a PDF. If couriers catch them through social networks, then create promotions and coupons on special dates, so that people leaving their emails, have access to such promotions. To get emails on Facebook, use social tools which has many tools for this purpose.


When writing the title of the email, leave the formality and the robotic tone to make the difference from others, for example: “Do you know how to increase your sales in 30 days? I DO, I tell you how”, it is a holder that breaks Schemes. An example of headline that generates curiosity may be: “5 methods to lose weight, your bedroom will surprise you.” Another way to make headlines is by being specific: “Here are the specific instructions to carry out your marketing plan”. On the other hand, if you are going to send a personalized mail, it is not good to use that sales pitch, and that is why the key would be to use a serious tone, but generating curiosity: “Request for contact and possible collaboration, contact request for software Design for your company “. You should keep in mind that in the case, you should uncheck all others, and you should use a different subject to the example.

Before writing a communication, strive to know all possible information from the person to whom you write, analyze all their social networks, their hobbies, and based on that weapon a good argument, that is to your liking. Wake up your communications generating empathy with the customer. You should make reference to appreciate to set aside some of your valuable time, you appreciate the opportunity, because it seems important to contact. Add goodbyes as I hope you have a good holiday, Christmas. Initially the deal of you, and to the extent the exchange, raising warmth, trust, and then make the jump towards you, even you can ask if you can twittear.
After the greeting, and start a sentence with cordial tone, you must introduce yourself with your name, saying it is what you do or your office, and that reason contacting him. You can use information you have seen in your social profile, on its website, or people who have in common.

The following is focus on your goal and create a need and then solve it, for example: “As you know, the savings in production costs is the key to long-term gains, so our company has developed a product that has with the following characteristics. ” You must strive to demonstrate how you will save time and money. You must show a business solution, potential gains speed response time, greater control, save on cycles, inventory, productivity, allowing employees to focus. Of course, you must have abundant business information your client. Business solutions you should not act as a seller, but as a consultant, as a consultant, to offer a solution that sells more or save more, and show it. It describes the features that specifically addresses their needs, avoiding unnecessary oversizing or decorating. The features contain details such as: Prices, Cost benefit, quality, distribution, warranties, delivery time.

Finally, the message should elicit a response. The key is to request permission to send information in more detail or request permission to call. This leads to action and not easily denied. The verb you can use is like me or you are interested, or could.

I recommend using bold or colors to highlight parts of the message that draw attention. Finally, attach a link that leads to social networks or a purchase page. You must dedicate a space to write because you must click on the link. You can also use the Post Data, as a means to generate remembrance and a call for further action. After preparing a template to send mail. If you’re going to submit a proposal in PDF, then prepare it with InDesign. Take enough time to create an email with an offer no one can refuse.

There are several details that cannot be overlooked. Success in communication is to choose the best time to contact, not be intrusive. It is most effective messages weekday morning. It is important not to push too hard, you can rewrite with an excuse, for example: Maybe you will pass this email and if you do not mind I’ll resubmit, or to insist again 3 months later. On the other hand, there are people who do not respond because they see it as a power play, and it is better to continue long. Of the most common errors they are lacking customization, if not the charge, mass mailings, excessive cordiality, overconfidence, use smileys, html excess and say very personal things that you see on Facebook.


Today do not look for customers with the effort of the past. Everything is on the Internet, and therefore question of seeking the customer who is prepared to listen to our proposal. They are in the search of twitter in Google alerts, or groups of Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus. Once found, it is but to review the needs of the company through the website, and send a personalized email offering a solution. At this point I recommend using another domain to send emails because your original domain owe to care for and used only to send mails to customers.



Email is the best method loyalty through it, you can send congratulations for birthday, send a promotion for the launch of a new product, send invitations to participate in an event. You can always send an email with information on how to use and take advantage of your products in the best way.


Autoresponders are previously prepared emails that are activated as soon as a subscriber enters your e – mail in a form. These emails are previously selected are the best you have to offer, and programs to be sent automatically. For example, if you’re a lawyer, your blog can offer a course to learn how to defend workers ‘ rights, then when they sign up, automatically a list of 8 post, prepared to give a key, generating necessity is activated and also show as an expert, in the last post, offer personalized advice with a great promotion and ask them to follow you on social networks. Additionally, emails can be activated, according to some event, for example: It is active at the time of a birthday, or when the system detects that it has made a purchase.


During times like Mother ‘s Day, the day of love and friendship, Christmas, and other dates, people are highly likely to buy. So, you have to create a specialized email tofg increase your sales.


Text Performs A / B we send different messages to a segment and you measure his response. Other information you should analyze is the percentage of openings, bounce, and based on results, change the content and strategy of your campaigns.

Identifies people who have not opened the mail, and again send emails with another title. Based on these submissions, begins to clean up your mailing list, so that you only let a quality list.
Need to send mass mailings to your customers?


Social networks are responsible for building the image of the company, because in it are followers, comments, interaction with the audience, and additionally helps position your page. One of the advantages of social networks is that you can create activities that relate various social networks, and generate more movement. For example, in your Facebook or YouTube you can say that you’re going to post some interesting content on Twitter.

For the management of social networks, a company must employ several professional employees in the area: The Social Media Manager (Social Media Planner or Social Media Strategist), would be responsible for knowing the industry, design strategies, control budget, define promotions, define KPIs. The Community Manager creates pages, cure content, updates page, identifies audience needs, participate in communities, seeking influencers, gives feedback daily activity. The graphic designer is responsible for designing the images to be published. The Copy, is responsible for drafting the text and phrases that are being published. The following strategies you will find the tools to do this work without the need to hire a community manager, yes, to perform the copy, I recommend reading our article: neuromarketing AND 200 WORDS TO AWAKEN EMOTIONS IN THE READER.
If marketing content is king, then promoting that content should be the queen, and the most effective method for disseminating content are quickly social networks.

It is recommended that automatices publishing the content of your blog on social networks, you can use the tools Postcron and BlogsterApp. And if you want to take seriously the social networks, then create multiple profiles and register hundreds of groups, and devotes a daily time to post links to their respective #hashtag. The publication should go with keywords and link to a relevant page of your website.


Before doing anything, you should always be based on knowledge of the circumstances plan, and not be based on an act of improvisation. Start making Briefing Company, gather basic information. Perform a situation analysis with the SWOT matrix. Define goals, channels and short – term actions in the Social Media Plan. Define a protocol for crisis management, in which you measure the potential dangers, solutions and personnel. Discover in social networks and communities that their client moves. Write a list of 10 issues that interests you and your customers solve some kind of problem. That resources need to achieve and provide long – term benefits. You have a list of the tools that you will use both paid and unpaid (image bank, social media management tools). Define the persons responsible and which department a relationship will have.


Enroll in all social networks you can, especially those found in AddThis, which has a page rank of 10. Spend a good time to write your profile on social networks because this is the first impression your prospect takes.
The first is to ask for who will create your profile, whether clients, colleagues or friends. The following is write what you want to know about you. In the case of a customer profile, it is good that you include discounts, alliances with other companies, certifications, experience, portfolio and video material or presentations that give additional value. The profile should show us as experts in a subject. Look at the keywords and abilities of your clients and include it in the profile to generate empathy. It is important to include a call to action. In the same profile, you should make it very visible, contact form, either through WhatsApp or email. Analyze your profile as if you were a customer, and check if inspire enough confidence and enough perceived value as to contact you.

The next point is to select the main keywords with which you wish to find the search engine when customers search for a service like yours. These keywords should refer to the type of charge and the type of services you offer. You must identify synonyms and possible ways in which they can search you, and for that you must check profiles of colleagues who appear in the top results.


Thanks IFTTT can combine various online tools and automated processes including, for example can make once an article is published in WordPress, this will shortened addresses how bit.ly and then sent to Twitter. Similar to this, you can create other automations.


Improving your content is the art to group and filter your content to publish on social networks and the best tool is Feedly, with it you group all blogs that have the information that interests your audience, and when you need material to publish, just select the best titles of articles that appear in list form in Feedly. Once you have a good selection of items, you should schedule a strategic time for publication of the article. For them you must use a tool of social media management as Hootsuite, Buffer, Buzzbundle and SocialMotus, which is only for facebook and twitter; but allows a more detailed analysis.


Twitter is a social network to generate conversations, and it must be very active. Communication on twitter should not look like a robot, must show human in your comments, give opinions, say that you think something, say you recommend something and because you retweet, to follow, and a whole lot of details that generate empathy for and then send your message.

You should seek influencers, or specifically who you want to have a business relationship. There are people with many followers and you have an audience interested in your brand, talk to them and offer them a good deal to talk about your services. Initially identified in your competition, what their followers have many contacts and actively participate. Another way to find them is using the search, in which you write the type of service you want to provide, and the results will show conversations of people who talk about this service, perhaps because they need.

Then create an article that you think that person you can be very interesting or related of some way with that person, then posted on your timeline. And finally follow it, mention it , what you post Retweet, add to favorite thing to publish, add it to a list that sounds good or make advertising directed at him .Twitter has the advantage that we can do advertising to specific accounts, or according to what speak their Timeline. When you see your advertising, it is very likely that these people follow you and ambassadors of your brand becomes.

To get followers quickly there are several tools: ManageFlitter, Followers of Truth, which are tools that automatically follow people, and then fails to follow, so that if your content is quality, sure you get many followers. Moreover, working in social networking is important to have shortener URL as Google Shortener or Bitly, as it will allow you to track and analyze each URL.

Each tweet must be done with care, using copywriting techniques. You must think of your target audience and have a dialogue or an image that pleases the audience. Post twits interesting enough for the add to favorites. When you write, create phrases that generate reactions using either questions or making an interesting comment on a topical issue, you can also give tips and tips on the use of related products, and also talks about things that humanize your company, such as birthday of an employee. Remember to use hashtags that are in trend, so you better get updated. If you have a website, I recommend implementing VCGs Toolbox, which let you insert phrases in the content of your article, and when clicking on the phrase, can be tweeted.

Another use of Twitter is to establish a communication channel. Many prefer to leave a message on social networks; you get to call a company. This can be very useful in restaurants, hotels, and generally companies that have much interaction with customers. Here you must take into account the concept of average human.
I recommend the following tools Twitter: clicktotweet.com, to generate a link to a particular phrase, and that link you can add anywhere, even a document. Botize, to automate many functions of twitter, for example automatically send a message to whoever follows you. DoesFollow, to check if a person follows an account. Tweriod to know what time your audience is connected. JMCards, for your WordPress articles are published with photos. Twitter Cards to create tweets Rich format.


Look for trends on the internet, and relate them to topics, products or services that your company can become popular. Create a community on Facebook, where fans subscribe to that topic. Post interesting content, which can then be related to your products. For example, if you are in a restaurant, you can create a community of foodies. Post links to your page in all possible groups related to your topic. Share your stories, which projects are underway, what have been your experiences. Empower your audience, teach them to handle the products, which are their uses, and how those can be supplemented with other products or services. It is recommended that the text in the images you post on Facebook, does not exceed 40 characters.

As there are thousands of people using Facebook, there are many groups as well. Find groups where your target audience is and participate actively, leave links to your website. It’s amazing, but many people will get to your blog.


LinkedIn is a social network for professionals was purchased by Microsoft. In your timeline, you can write about the needs and the services of your company, or respond to comments where other companies and professionals express their needs. You can send messages making business offers, either to your contacts, members of a particular group, or even to those who are not contacts and find you using the searcher check these guys out. Find the group where your niche is, provide relevant content and answers questions, or you can create your own community focused to discuss issues of interest to your target audience. Create a business page to find the ones that need the kind of services you offer. Post an average of 20 times per month in the morning, to achieve visibility by up to 60%. Share your company news, a reason why you are still is because they want to be informed about your company. If you want an idea of how to create a page on LinkedIn, then visit the ranking of the top 10 LinkedIn pages.
To sell on LinkedIn you must learn to create a good profile, looking for potential clients in your niche and learn how to contact them, as they talk in paragraphs 26, 76 and 77. Register for the greatest possible number of groups and actively participate up become an influencer. You should first make an effort to stand out in groups, build trust, relationships and so it is easy to make contacts. In groups, you can position yourself as an expert. Making relevant publications and saying that it is useful, highlighting the value of the publication in response to a need. Answering questions, because it is the only way to build trust. In groups, you can be attentive to requests for services from someone who is very active. You must discover what most of your target audience is from in order to create a group for them. Depending on the type of customers you have, look at that groups follow, so you know which groups should be and publish. In groups, it is easier to generate conversation and trade relations, without the need to send messages, on the other hand, groups can send direct messages to those in the group without the need to have them as contacts.

Linkedin press is the option that we have to publish articles in Linkedin, we can create articles that can be linked to our website. Use LinkedIn Press Trending Topic to identify and know your industry to know where it should be and to talk about. In linkedin press we gain followers, who will be notified of our articles. An additional benefit is that you gain visibility for your profile, and this leads to having more contacts.


Pinterest is a visual social network, and if you have a product catalog, then you have a visual way to show the use of your products through infographics. Infographics processes your product data. It’s an amazing engagement that can produce a graph data and ordering information. Post photos about your products with links to your website. Add the prices of your products on Pinterest, you just have to add the dollar sign, and put the price in the comments, this will make a kind of tape with the price displayed on the photo.


Instragram is a social network where photos are uploaded from a mobile. It is a completely visual social network and it is so addictive, because people who are too lazy to read 140 twitter characters prefer to look at an image quickly. In addition, you can post videos and have great attention with them, you can send your message through this video. Here you must be very clever to know how to communicate your services in a short video.
Instagram Enterprise has several advantages: Facebook´s share button in the biography, it appears the company a button to contact by mail, google map location and phone number to contact. In addition, you can measure the impact of publications. Instagram, is not a network to generate conversation, but to hit the eye. Its advantage is that the publications reach all users, and generates more engagement. Here we can upload photos of our staff, our most interesting activities, customers who recommend us, satisfactory experience with the product, different creative uses of the product, facilities and city, with the purpose of giving more real and closer view to your company. One important aspect is to add emotional and humorous publications. It works great for shops, restaurants and hotels.

It is important to use a tool like iconsquare, for managing Instagram, and schedugr.am to schedule and publish photos from multiple accounts from one computer. Use the # hashtags that are in trend and also those who mention your type of service. Make a good research of the most used for the type of products and services that offer hashtag. Invite your followers to use your hashtag. Use the @mentions to connect with a customer, and make yourself known to others. Make videos of 15 seconds, about interesting things happen in your creative enterprise can be interviews, performing a sport, ways to use the product. Ask questions to start conversations, ask for opinions on a new product, about a product they are using. Ask your followers to send pictures and participate in a contest. Finally remember to put links to your website.


The search engine Google has special preference to show search results in articles appearing on Google Plus, so it is duty publishing on this network, either by creating a page or communities participating in Google Plus. Find the communities where your niche is, looking hashtag, monitor conversations, and take every single opportunity to participate. Provide information about many concerns arising generates new comments, leave a link to an article on your site. Mechanize your google plus publications to appear on other social networks, using friendsplus.me.

The free way to get followers on Google Plus would be looking for companies, influences, and experts on a topic, they have an important number of followers. You find them in communities or with tools like CircleCount , Recommendedusers . Once you have found that person, you should look at their publications, doers +1 and comments in their publications, and then follow them. The chances are: if your profile is interesting, that person will follow you if not, well no followers at all. Perform this task every 15 days, adding 100 people to a circle on Google Plus account you have to create for this work, and before rescanning, check the circle to know who have added you, located in a folder that you followed and delete the folder with other people. This work is less tedious if you use a payment tool as Circloscope. It tracks your contacts with tools like www.engagor.com.


Create compelling content for the audience of your brand. Show what you know, and all you can do. Talk about specific benefits of your products, of all possible uses and applications. Talk about what your client is concerned, what you want to know, solve specific needs of your customers. You must create a good and interesting content that make you want to share. Crumbling each product and service, and look at all possibilities. The idea is to see who yearns to contact your social networks because they see you know a lot, or because they perceive a need to get your product, and because every time you look at any social network you bring some interesting things. Updates should be valuable content to followers. News, updates, releases, benefits, related news. Be creative, with images, to call attention, try that is not so much about your brand, that should be 20%, the rest is publishing other things that will interest your audience.

In pictures go up the steps or tips for using a product, write down all strategies to achieve something, each update should be about things that interests your audience. For example, if your web site is about technology, display a picture of the latest Samsung cellphone and its greater novelty. If you sell ice cream; then public on where to buy ice cream, about the experience you had last time and when to eat ice cream, the benefits of eating ice cream, ice cream making process, latest on ice cream, ice cream humor. If you design web pages, ideally you´ll see the proposals you have on the design, something that shows what you can do, if you’re a strategist talks about new strategies and situations people would apply to their lives. Another trick is to take an article of your blog, or an article on the Internet of interest to your audience, and to tease out interesting phrases. There is a rule in Internet about the time of publishing, which is to publish 80% of interesting topics with external links, and 20% of internal links.

You should distribute the content you post every day: Weekends content positive mood, inviting to relax. Mondays and Wednesdays, an image with benefits about your product, Tuesday an article of your blog, Thursday news of great interest and a positive statement on Friday. Where possible and subtly justifies because it must read it, and also you should do. If you want to have an idea about what is what to publish, then visit the success stories Facebook. Another option is to take phrases your site or your blog, and present an attractive way, using techniques copywriting.

Apart from the social networking company, distributes the content in many groups there LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus. You can also create an attractive product, which you make a publication in groups with related matters, and when clicking, it leads to a page where they are asked personal data. I recently saw a strategy in which someone published a picture in your timeline in Excel, and who wanted the picture, leave your mail, then in a few hours that publication went viral. It is recommended that when you make these publications, use a CRM to track PDF openings, and also a UTM tracking with Google Analytics.


Basically, you get a good image, in fotolia.com or depositphotos.com and then in a photo editing program like Adobe Spark and canva.com, add a short text within a neutral space, then accompanied with a box, button or icon additional to not look very simple. A good base vectors find it in freepik.com. It is important to choose a good color scheme, you can use those that come with the company logo. Use ColorCop to capture the color code a website, then from that color combinations you can search using Paletton . Add a watermark with the logo or web address of your company. Finally, note typography, generally you must use a combination of two sources. Some recommendations would be serif (Times New Roman) and a sans-serif font (Helvetica); Bebas Neue and Montserrat; NorWester, Kollektif Regular and Montserrat; Avenir Next and Miller Display. In the titles, you can use ChunkFiveRoman and the Helvetica text. Look at the social networking ideas competition for publication and design styles. Choose the 30 most striking designs of competition. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the weight of the image, use compresor.io . To resize photos, use PicResize .

It is quite an arduous task of creating graphical content for the Internet, and that it must have good sources dedicated to collecting this type of material. To find materials to design and inspire, you can visit several sites: creativemarket.com, Fiverr.com, graphicriver.net, Download icons: iconfinder.com Flaticon. The Noun Project To find inspiration in sources type-scale.com, fontflame.com, typ.io, ifontyou.com. Download Logos: Logo instant, CoolText Create logos: Emblemmatic. Tools colors: colourlovers.com paletton.com, palettab.com, Adobe Color Tools for vectors and download free psd: Vectorized, Freepik, Psddd, 365psd. The online tools you can use tocreate banner without being designer are starting with the best: Adobe Spark, Canva, BannerSnack (resizes), Befunky Snappa, Stencil and Giphy. And those who have no free version, which are not truly better than the above are Fotor and PicMonkey.

The corner stone of Internet marketing is the use of images, and buy each image may be too expensive, so you need to have a good bank of free images with creative commons. Generally, you can use any high – resolution image found anywhere, and then blur or put an effect and then leave all the strength in the text and shapes. Enterprise marketing, technology, you can always use any image background with computers and people talking on phones. Regarding phrases, you can always use images of nature. The faces will be always being used for service description. The best image search is bing .com. The image bank is free to download you can find it at: Flickr.com, Pixabay, Picjumbo , IMcreator , UnsPlash , Gratisography ,freerange , Stockshap , Freeimages , MorgueFile , Creative Commons , FreePixels , Freepik , freephotos .


Ethnography is the analysis of the interactions of our users, which is rooted in market research and anthropology to study social behavior. Read user profiles and comments, you can identify customer needs, and what opinion leaders are. Another use is to identify patterns of behavior and emotions that help us to connect directly with the person, and thus make better publications. It can be applied in research on corporate reputation, based on mentions and comments on social networks, to detect response to promotions, negative comments should not appear in the top of Google search, and this mode using techniques ” Brand Defense “to correct problems such problems. There are several tools for this purpose as BuzzMonitor to analyze the reputation of your brand. Alterian, for monitoring, measuring, reporting and analysis of social networking conversations Radian 6 ,to hear what they say on social networks and then integrate sales and product development. Sysomos , which allows us to find consumers, influencers and trends, follow conversations, analyzing users and conversations, tune the shared content, respond to comments and analyzes campaigns. Regarding the analysis of the quality of your followers, what are fans on Twitter, you can use Mentionmapp .

Make monitoring practice of all online conversations regarding the purchase and sale of their service. Set up Google Alert to send you a notice when someone talks about the brand or type of service you offer, in order to better define the needs felt by customers of a service, the dissatisfactions regarding certain companies that offer it, and that is what they need at any given time. Based on everything you hear, create a service, a presentation and a place to launch it.


It is important to know what your customers want from their products, and so develop them to suit your needs best. Start by performing an analysis of the client, their environment, their friends, their behavior, worldview and desires, to discover trends, how to better interact with customers, and create better value propositions.
The best way to start analyzing a customer is through competition. Use sites like alexa.com or similarweb.com to analyze the type of audience, the city they are from, gender, among other data.With Brandwatch , you can hear comments, detect a particular brand and purchase tryout. Check followers on social networks, your comments, your interactions. Based on this, you can create a profile of the ideal customer.

Then you must target your demographic attributes and lifestyles, and create a prototype that segment and give it to a personality, to get an idea of how to address them. Finally you do the map of empathy based on the following questions: What do you feel ? What are you looking for? what do you see? What are their fears, frustrations and obstacles?. With these questions, you can answer more specific questions such as: What kind of offers is exposed daily? Who is the person who most influences? What? What moved them to take the risk? What kind of deals are they looking for? What do they say about it? What needs can be solved? What are the objections to buy? What´s the profession and job they have? On facebook you can discover demographics as the status of their relationship, level of study, current company. Interest targeting as I like the fans of competition: Reading, movies, music, food, if you exercise, recreation, consumer electronics, online shopping, average participation in games, etc. In fact, you can find your child in me like pages, or group to a specific topic. Additionally, you can use tools such as Google Analytics or Google Alerts or using the search engine of social networks, join the groups, hashtags, and as an outside observer, learn from what the public speech.

Based on a defined profile, create a strategy to relate, how should contact through that means, as it should talk, how to generate confidence, and you should offer. Having established this, you can offer the product with more security.


Customers increasingly prefer to communicate with companies via social networks because any call center is an increasingly complicated process. Through social networks you can have immediate contact and response. People know that a company cannot simply ignore a comment, but a matter of image should provide a solution, and if that solution is successful, then it will be for the image of the company. Save costly communication processes with customers, improve its image due to a successful response, encourage customers to use social networks to communicate with your business. Of course, beforehand you should have a plan to answer questions that arise, either for sales, crisis management, and more. In this process, tools that can help are Desk.com, Zendesk and OneMarketer, which that the WhatsApp as customer service channel.


Let ‘s start by saying that CRM is a software that allows us to store customer information, and keep track of trade relations with him. Social CRM integrate with social networks, and complemented with profiles, conversations, and information of social networking client. There are several tools for this purpose: Clientify to manage contacts and sales easily, Coversocial , which is a CRM and a tool like Hootsuite management. NinjaOutreach to detect influencers on social networks and blogs also get data like email and social networks, stored in a CRM, and allows you to send emails to these people, looking at who opens them.


Thanks to the Internet, and with the profiles and activities of customers at our disposal, we can make all kinds of measurements. It is important to measure the response to our brand on social networks with tools like: SocialMention , which allows you to monitor who you mention ; Audiense (Before SocialBro) you detailed information about your contacts on Twitter, then make management, analysis and campaign creation; Traackr , to identify users and leaders, whose comments generate more debates; HowSociable , a free and easy tools to handle; to meet the visibility of a brand in different social networks (about 22); Commun.it , which has a panel where you can manage all contacts and twitter and monitor conversations about the brand; Booshaka , to identify the most active fans on Facebook; Followerwonk , which compares different users on twitter, look for analysis of accounts of interest by keyword, and allows us to analyze users by country, gender, number of tweets ; with S ocialBlade we can analyze what content is more or less successful on Youtube . Socialcrawlytics , which lets you see how much shared a post on social networks.


SEO for many years was the interest of many companies, so if your website appears at the top sounds great; but today it is not so easy, because they are starting the millions of pages struggling to appear in the first places, and because Google takes into account factors such as seniority, the authority of the page, and so on. On the other hand, if a page is not optimized with SEO techniques will almost impossible for someone to find it on the Internet. Every good Seo, has his tools aside as We must bear in mind that everyday people use search engines to find solutions to their needs and problems, and that is why we must investigate what the needs of our customers and how they are looking for in Google.


Optimize the photos so they are not as heavy. Add an extension to cache static content, enable GZip compression. Optimize CSS, HTML code, so that it loads faster and does not present errors. Extensions like Minify, Gator Cache , Gzip Ninja , Simple optimizer . They can be of great help. Identify and fix errors 404, for that you must use the extensionCheck My Links. This process can help Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Google Analytics Schedule alerts to notify you when an error occurs.

WordPress there are several keys for the page to load faster. You can use a plugin like W3 Total Cache, which is even suitable for online stores with WooCommerce. Use a CDN service that allows you to store static content on servers closer, for example CloudFlare, Amazon CloudFront. Another method is to reduce the number of requests during charging, via join several pictures into one, using CSS sprites so load them from a single file. It is important to audit plugins which consume more resources using P3 Profiler.Finally checks the loading speed of the page, using Pagespeed Insights.

It is advisable to upload a sitemap to search console as it helps the seeker to understand much your website. Regarding the robots.txt file, it is best to leave the automatically generated, since today it does not work to block the entry of the robot to pages css or javascript. If you look carefully, Google Search Console already has a panel that alerts you to pages with locked resources, because the browser needs to review other resources and analyze the usability of your website. For example, based on CSS and javascript Trail code, look for mobile optimization. Moreover, within the page content may be obsolete, or subjects that do not use, and that can be convenient if you block within Robots.txt.


Use any of the tools to search keywords: keywordtool.io, hypersuggest, rankpay, longtailpro, ubersuggest.io wordtracker.com , clevergizmos.com. Keywordshitter.com is a tool that can generate up to 200 related words or synonyms. Keywords that appear, carry them to the Google tool, as this gives us statistics that can be downloaded in Excel.Place your URL on Google keyword planner to find keywords with over 5,000 searches per month. Add negative keywords and should include in results. Use the words that appear to make new searches, use another tool, and thus find new words. Make a list of 10 keywords that define the problems of their customers, and then list all the possible synonyms for your services and different applications. Discover the keyword that has more search volume, less competition, higher bid and is more directly related to your service, thus placing it as the main keyword, the formula to see which generates more conversion is to multiply search volume per bid. Among other things, if the cost per click of a word is high, are words best CTR, and therefore higher profit with Google AdSense.

Use SEMRush to know that keywords are more expensive per click. The less search results on Google have a word, the less competition there are. With this data, you can also find out by going directly to the browser. Use Google Trends to find keywords that have better trend.

One way to find long tail keywords (Longtail) in a manual way is to place the main keyword in the Google search engine, and at the end of the page you will find some suggestions that come to be long tail keywords. You can also use the predictive Google search, where you can use an asterisk to simulate you replace a word to you more suggestions. To find synonyms use the website WordReference and vuelvelas to use the tools of keywords. Choose as many keywords so that enough traffic and help drag the main keyword within an article. Additionally, choose every word long tail, with each synonymous with each utility product, perform an item, and connect to the page that contains the main keyword.


The intention here is to Google to let you know what your keyword. That keyword must match magically with what they put on search engines. Use a main keyword per page to not confuse the seeker. That is, that word does not compete with the same word in another post. Remember that there can only be one H1 tag on a page (HTML5 Although we can include several H1), with a catchy title, for example: As + verb + key word. Locate that one keyword in each of the parts below: At the beginning of the page, to the left, in the URL in the title (not to exceed 60 characters) in the beginning, middle and end of the paragraph, image in the alt tag in the anchor text links in categories, menus, labels. It helps if the main keyword, highlighting it with bold, different size, capital, or a different color. Use the main keyword in each video, computer graphics, and content that you upload at different sites, and profiles on social networks. Regarding keyword density should not exceed 2%. A text with 250 words, must have two keywords. A tool to know how many times each word is repeated Word Frequency Counter.
Another way to locate these keywords without making it look very repetitive and can include more keywords, is through synonyms well contextualized to the content, yes, those synonyms must be in H3 tags, and other less privileged positions ranging for the main keyword. Find at least 20 synonyms or related keywords, other forms of search, and thus creates the post.

If an item you only need to use a main keyword, your homepage if you must place them all in the menus and in an article type display “where to start” or “Best of our web” to work as a table of contents.

You must devote special attention to the categories, as these helps to position your website, and more if you create within them an article with keywords. If you have an e-commerce with WooCommerce, it works the same way. Virtual stores do not come with the option to perform descriptive content for each category. For this work, there is a plugin called WordPress: Visual Term Description Editor. If the description is too long, then this can interfere with the visitor to see the products for as long text. In this situation, it is advisable to install a plugin as Category Collapser SEO for WooCommerce, which adds a button to see more.

It is essential in the SEO on Page, make the person stay longer, visit other page or performing an additional action. To do this you must locate within the article videos, images, infographics, calls to action, and all these actions that Google will perceive your article is interesting.


Google is a search engine that works like a spider, which finds information through the links on a page, then frowns those pages that have links to other web pages related with their content pages. If these links take users to pages of quality and related content; then it´s all for the best. On the other hand, do not make it look like a link farm. If an outbound link goes to a low-quality web page, add to that url, the NoFollow attribute. It is important that you check incoming links to your page, and if the quality is not good enough, then it is better that you write to the administrator of that page to remove it , and if it is not accepted, then write to Google. You can identify those links with the tool Check My Links.

Using external links through pingbacks and trackbacks WordPress can connect with other blogger. When writing a post, and score a link to a page, the software automatically sends a pingback blogs with an excerpt from the article, which will appear in the comment moderation queue. Regarding the Trackback is something that is done manually with the option that appears in the article. It is often advisable to disable these options because they can be a source of SPAM.

In addition, Google and helps users understand your site, with internal links. You should take enough time to do this right, since nothing better to make visitors visit other pages on your site, when they find a significant link in the middle of a reading. Take the post with more visits, adding keyword anchor text containing links to your other articles. Here it is necessary to use a strategy of Link Juice. To understand this concept, we must mention that when a web connects us, transferred his authority, the same applies to the various items of a blog, to make an internal link, its authority is transferred. This authority is shared by dividing the authority who makes the link on the total number of links to pointing. If you have 50 Page Rank points in an article, and the article points to 10 links, then each receives 5 points of Page Rank. This means that if you have many internal links in an article, transmit less authority, and that is why to internal pages as a contact, legal notice, social networks, etc, you have to include them rel = “nofollow” .


In 2016 Google has acknowledged that two of the main factors for positioning a site are incoming links and content. That is why we must create a strategy, measure how long it takes you to achieve certain objectives link building.

Ideally , make a strategy of Link Baiting , which is focus on creating attractive and viral content for people to share naturally, but in many cases cannot do this, so you have todo it manually using Link building. It begins with the creation of social profiles, and then publishes to 3 crossings per week in different places. Create profiles on blogs with goodPage Rank, as examples WeblogsSL group, and then leave comments. Create two profiles on Yahoo answers, one to ask and to answer other using keywords. Register in forums as any user, ensure that not see any relationship with your company both username, email, and other factors. If you register with your name and website in the signature, then every time you comment something, you leave a link to your website. Look for forums that Google appears to be powered by expression engine, which are most commonly used. Google searches and lists eleconomista.es 20minutos.es the list if they admit that other users add new elements, and links to your website.

The Anchor Text is the text you see with a link. The construction of external links should look very natural and distributed, and therefore must follow certain logical rules, you do not look like a SEO trying to position a site. For example, it is not natural always use an Anchor Text and SEO linking to your homepage. You have to use logic. Commenting on blogs of authority and related subject (should be 20% of the links), it looks natural leave your name instead of a keyword, and on the other hand is the fact that you approve the comment. You should leave a link to a relevant article for the topic on the page. Profiling the links that do not help much to seo, should not use Anchor Text does not look very natural. In places like social bookmarking, wikis, directories, it should be with Anchor Text as: Visit our website, more information. In forums newspapers, forums cars, forums adobe forums Joomla therefore include links with a good excuse like you have a question or if you solve a question, and you leave a link in the comments, to a relevant page (not is the principal). If you want an idea, analyzes the comments made by non – SEO.

Be careful that such sites do not appear on blacklists by visiting ipvoid.com. To find your IP address, use the extension Open Seo Pagerank status. Each link must be published in a social marker. onlywire.com publishes 60 pages link quality. Converts each link to RSS with Bulkping and then take it to RSS directories.
Pages in other languages can help positioning. Translates your most popular post, so be one, and this will help bring traffic to your website. Then comments on forums and sites in English. Create a new section where you publish articles in English.


Try to publish and advertise in national and local media. Do everything gradually and in different kinds of web, for it to look very natural. If you’re making international seo, you should focus on countries. Post article directories articuloz.com articulo.com articulo.org. articuloya.com buscadordearticulos.com, facilisimo.com and other industry authority sites, enabling to leave a link to your website.

The best way to get DoFollow links is to make material for different websites. You can use the most popular items and from there up to develop materials for different sites. A PDF to climb scribd.com, introduced in slideshare.net , Prezi , a video to Youtube, an image to Pinterest, etc. Make sure that is the keyword that you are trying to position in the title and description. You can also respond to comments on sites like Quora.com, create an application to link to you from the store Google or Microsoft. The Text anchor within an article should not have a keyword, because it is not contextualized in reading, and google can see it as SPAM. The Anchor Text should be normal phrases that relate to what is being written.

Search the leader with tools like Buzzsumo. Earn the friendship of that leader offering some kind of service, he being so busy, they do not usually have time. Then ask if you can makeGuest blogging. Much better if you can do an article in a newspaper, specialized magazines, a page .org .edu, which achieves put a link to your website, and if not, in an article they write. Moreover, you can be only locate the link in an old article and a related topic. My recommendation is to write them with a good excuse. You can tell a newspaper that you would like to have a weekly section where you talk about topics that you are an expert. Or simply, you pay them. You do not need to be in the newspaper in your city, can be any newspaper, magazine, web page rank good in the world. Of course you cannot be any web, you must have a name, a good product that deserves to be recommended. There are companies like Unancor, Tusmedios.es or Prensalink , which have by trade, writing articles in newspapers. Regarding the .edu domain, you can get a link to your blog when you do an article on educational or social. You can also hold events with companies, especially those that handle large audiences, such as sports teams, political parties, etc., and these can create a link to your website.

You can build your own pyramid links, creating your blogs on blogger, word press or sites with good page rank as Jimdo.com, blogger, word press, sites.google.com, and then perform some articles with a different email, which link to your homepage. Purchase an EMD domain, writes 4 0 5 items related to a specific need, analyzed from all angles that might interest the customer. This positioning process is faster with PBN . Private networks of blogs (PBN) are blogs that we can use support and having expired domains. Most domains do not work, and with this technique must be very careful not to be penalized by google; but if you find a good domain, these will help raise your site.These domains retain their authority, because they have been linked by university and other important sites. Look for expired domains Nidoma, MrDomain Backorders, Expireddomains .

Search broken links quality in your quality competition with Scrapebox , then contact the blogger, and offer him a favor to return redirect that broken into one of your pages specialized content link, which is not closely related to what he offers . Once you are done redirection, modify the content in such a way to leave a link to your homepage.
Most links on social networks and comments are NoFollow, while links that are born within an article are DoFollow. There must be a balance between the two types of link.That’s why you should make an effort to communicate with blogs that are well positioned, and offer them something in return they leave a link to your page. Comments on blogs and social networks give you visibility, but to prevent your home page is filled with NoFollow, you have to do is leave links to the different items from your website. Place links on a page that does not have many outbound links. Leave a link to your website through posting on quality websites with a related theme. Find related blogs and respond to comments.


Choose the keyword you want to position Google and search businesses listed in the top results in order to investigate them Find out which sites the link, which keywords are bringing you traffic, make a top with the best items from your competition, those who contribute most traffic, how many keywords is positioning this article and what you are.Then the sum of the keywords of several well – positioned items, make a larger article. They are very popular tools in SEO: Ahrefs for links and Keywords of our competition.SEMRush to analyze organic positioning and advertising expenditures competition . Open Site Explorer, which identifies types of links and keywords of a website. Xovi Suiteoffers tools for seo on page, monitor backlinks, disavow links and combat negative seo, monitor keywords, SEM / SEO. Monitor Backlinks, with which you can see the evolution of your backlinks and positioning based on certain keywords, backlinks detect the acquisition of competing almost in real time. Majestic SEO, which provides information about how pages are linked to each other. SimilarWeb, which you’ll use to analyze all possible data from your competitors such as the ratio of links dofollow / nofollow, the ratio of right word. Open Link Profiler is a good free alternative to the well – known Ahrefs. You can also use SpyGlass to spy inbound links your competitors WooRank , to identify and resolve the SEO of your website. Install the seo extensions for Chrome: Mozbar , Open SEO , SEOQuake .

The first is to use Ahrefs to analyze how many links gain in a month, use the comparison ahrefs domains, to see ratio DoFollow links, so you will know how many links you haveto build a month and other links strategy. Discover the values and variety of anchor text competition using Majestic SEO. Identify which are common to them that are sending traffic using the tool pages SEO profiler and starts them. You can meet the backlink competition with SEMRush. In clix.in you can meet the Page Rank. By studying the inbound links of your competition, you can discover niches little competition, and based on that work on a strategy to get quality backlinks. A site where you can find a collection of free SEO tools is smallseotools.com.


The snippet is the text you see in the search results. It is better to custom make, so put a catchy title, and description that generates the interest of people visiting the website, especially that generate a good CTR, that is fundamental. Of course, you must make sure that once you reach the page, they stay longer, and does not generate bounce. This is accomplished with a good article, and also added as videos, computer graphics, PDF. So you will go up like foam.

Match the keyword that you are trying to position, with the title of the ad and the main word that appears along the landing page. The content you must locate long tail keywords, synonyms and other words also located on the landing page.


These are snippets of html code, which allow you to indicate on our sites, the types of data on a page, which helps the robot of google to understand the structure of your page, and therefore better positioning. Examples of this data include: Contact information for local businesses, author data for sites news articles, product data for e – commerce sites, schemes for the video tag. For this we use the tool Google Webmaster tools and website schema.org. These are advanced seo techniques.


If you have a website aimed at several countries; then include the hreflang label using the ISO 3166-1, which tells Google versions language and region of your website. This tag should go in the head section. There are plugins that can help you with this process how qTranslate and WPML (surcharge). SEMRush used to measure regional positioning.These are advanced seo techniques.


Within a web page there are many links that do not want to appear in search results and makes complicated the search to find content that interests your customer within their website, and that is why you should optimize the robot file. and txt sitemaps and then integrate them Search Console. You should also set Google My business, as it will help to show positioning in search results, the direction of your company, and also comments that people make their company. It is advisable to invite your customers to leave reviews.Another recommendation is to create a profile on review sites like yelp.es


Aside from careful design, correct programming, the way that distributes the content, you must add other values to your site, which will make it a seller more, that meets customer and to eliminate costly processes, which performs within your company.

“There will be two types of businesses in the XXI century: those who are on the Internet and those that no longer exist” Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon


Before making a site, it is important to be clear that he wants him. You can use it to move all the processes carried out in your company, and are available on the website. Here the customer will find all the information you need, and will not have to call or visit your company. Your website should be a guide to all transactions in services. This will reduce the bounce rate and increase retention at the site, and therefore it will help the web positioning. Additionally, it saves a lot of resources in your company.

Another use for your website, is to make a virtual store, which has the additional advantage, save a lot of processes, how contracts, billing papers, and more. You can sell many products, and also offer volume discounts. The best way to turn your website into an ecommerce is using WooCommerce , which is free, and can be integrated with online payment tools from paypal to debit cards, the latter option if payment. In this plugin, you can add all kinds of advanced features: A plugin for discounts for volume purchases, a plugin for products not found, Beautiful WooCommerce Product Not Found Page; a plugin to set up shipping costs, WooCommerce Super Shippingebe, which can besupplemented with a comparator shipments as Sendiroo.es.


There is a plugin for WordPress called Polylang , which lets you put content in other languages, and this will necessarily increase traffic to your website . If you are a company that sells products locally, then the translation should do it only in articles published in the blog of the company, and this is going to generate a lot of traffic. This plugin there isalso a version with integration WooCommerce .


One factor that helps position your website in the Google search engine, is to place references is also helps visitors to understand a product in the context where you live, and this creates confidence. Generate versions for each city where your company sells products and services, and complemented by keywords in each region.


To design a website, you just need to have a basic knowledge of WordPress then buy a template CPOThemes or ThemeForest . But have much knowledge of web design, nor has resources, then it is best to use a tool to create landing page, which are inexpensive and very showy web pages, and best of all is that come with a methodology made to capture the email and generate sales. An example of simple and specific landing page is the page SEMRush and HubSpot . Some of these tools are: Unbounce , Getresponse ,Landingi , Instapage , Wishpond , Lander , Destinably , PageWiz , LeadPages .

Once you have made the landing page with a form to catch visitors, create a product so attractive enough that your target audience is forced to download. Then advertise on Facebook, which is the most economical, and capture people really interested.


While your website should be a center of information and solutions, this usually goes against sales because people can get lost in a sea of information. That’s why you must create a product accessible to all, in a simple website to understand and deal with an impossible to resist. This will popularize your site. To create free web pages and simple, you can use design software free online web pages as Tilda.cc, Strinkingly , vwo and Wix . If you want to create an intranet for your company, you can do with Google Sites.

If you have a blog, then at the end of each article can offer a downloadable PDF, which will have access if they fill out a form. Then with that data begins to send emails with a Autoresponder. It is one of the best techniques to get prospects.


For this purpose, necessarily need Google Analytics to measure the results and that Google does not see it as duplicate content. Make slight modifications in the titles of your web page, colors, images, locations, and then publish them at the same time, and determine which combinations produce better results.


Create a strategy to make their visitors to register on the website, so to be able to track their actions with Google Analytics and Facebook. Create a system of promotions, and awards points for doing certain actions, and give them access privileges to certain areas within the site, which find tutorials, your account information.


CRM tools allow you to keep track of customer data, and also the progress of trade relations with him. When you insert the code CRM, the tool tells us when a customer is on the website. With a CRM we can send business proposals to a client , track and receive notification when you open the mail, give click on a link and visit the website. Some of the best online CRM are HubSpot , Zoho CRM , Insightly , Salesforce , Microsoft Dynamics CRM and finally SumaCRM also includes free Email Marketing . You can also try a BPM as AuraPortal .

In the screenshot we Dynamics CRM. This CRM allows us to create entities to manage customers, vendors and any element. It lets you add all kinds of socio demographic attributes or whatever you want to add. I can keep track of actions with a client, progress, representing expenses. Depending on the actions of a prospectus giving you I can go a few points that let me know when you are ready for a next step. The system allows you to follow a single conversation thread, regardless if the client did it for chat or social networks. The system identifies a call to customer services and processes that are taking place, and automatically opens a window related to that process. Converts data into information to generate actions based on that information. The system alerts you if you have to send an email. Voice of Customer, are customer satisfaction survey, based on responses and actions generated in the CRM.

CRM has tracked vendors, managed human resources, known what to do, if busy, and assigned it under a client with a specific need. Agents have access to a knowledge base to answer concerns and needs of customers. If an agent in a marketing department will perform an action, another agent in a sales department can know if this affects the client. The ramification can generate contests, and information from CRM to add points, and show results.

I can generate office documents, send mass mailings, check for a deleted mail publish on social networks, respond to comments, graphic resources and manage documents, such as saving the company logos.
Engagement has social, allowing you to hear what they say about your company and its competition. social intelligence, captures purchase intentions, and creates an automatic registration of a prospectus or event to attend. It also has solutions for e-commerce, event management, and utilities.


One of the biggest mistakes companies, not carry a history of marketing actions and changes on its website. This makes generating rework, lost information, errors. For each action performed to generate a record that was what he did and why he did it , so when you change your business or personal, these people can read and understand what has been done, and continue where it was.



The advantage of digital marketing is that it can measure each marketing activities, and based on these data, whet strategies. You cannot improve the processes that are not known, so it is essential that you integrate your website, Google Analytics code, because if you base your decisions on assumptions, will be playing at random, which is definitely not good when it comes to things where you invest your money. With Google Analytics you have clarity about what works and does not work.

Note that content marketing is important, SEO is important; post on social networks is important; but most important is the user’s response, experience, and that only you can know with Google Analytics; and if not, which explains why the single video page, such as porn, are so well positioned. Like Google, you should spend time analyzing the bounce, stay on the site, page views per session, and more. Only with Google Analytics you can discover is working and use it for, and that is not working to improve it.

Google Analytics is the modern methodologies accompanying business development and marketing as a tool are: LEAN methodology and growth hacking.


First you must define what the objectives of your website, for example: Generate more sales, generate traffic or position the brand . Then you must define strategies to achieve online marketing through channels that you attract customers who are publishing content, which is the deadline for doing so, and how can you create your marketing funnel. Finally you must define a metric to measure each action.

The marketing plan helps you focus your efforts, because without a plan, you start and do not finish things, you get carried away by enthusiasms and moods. To the extent that follows a marketing plan, you force yourself to do some tasks consistently, they must give a certain result.


With Google Tag Manager you can help to track all actions within its website. For example, register the people who fill form, download a PDF, who play a video and see it completely, who they click on links that lead to social networks who share content. In addition, these data can relate how city demographics, sex and age of people you do those actions.


Separate information provided in Google Analytic data set according to your goals, and create a board where you can see the performance of each set, and on that basis to go redefining their marketing strategies.


Integrate Google Analytic with your electronic shop. Integrate data handling, returns, promotions, and then look at a performance report sales, profits, and marketing activities are producing sales and which are not.


Understand who your visitors arrive that city, that age have, which is the genre that generates more conversions within their website, where are arriving and leaving parts are generating website. Identify things about your site that work, and which are not.


Check the performance of your SEO actions that they are finding words in search engines, which pages appear and in what position. Based on this, you can understand that new content will create, and how should focus its actions to attract more public.


Discover the words that people scoring in the search of their website, understand that things are not found on their website, and on this basis, create new menus, promotions, and reorganize the layout of your page.


Upload the data on investment in email marketing campaigns, social networks and other campaigns, Google Analytics. Based on this you can display numbers, how much profit has generated you your marketing.
Discover all reports can be drawn with Google Analytics.


Learn how to implement non-traditional strategies to get customers.
The growth hacking is the set of non – traditional techniques to grow your business. These actions are evaluated by web analytics tools. Is basically doing different things as everyone does, in order to obtain better results at lower cost. Everything entrepreneur must necessarily take a look at these strategies, if you want to grow your business without investing a lot of money.


It is through spying on the competition that can identify weaknesses, which we can use to create a quality product, and discover their strengths, which can imitate. How is the competition landing page?, What are the calls to action ?, What services offered by my competition can improve ?, What brands consume my competition ?, What are your customers ?, Where move those customers ?, How can we make ourselves visible to those customers ?, What services do not offer and those customers need ?. Make a list of the 10 best strategies to get customers in non – traditional way and then must apply them.

There are several tools that helps us to that purpose. Simirlarweb , to watch the traffic and referrals competition sites. Monitorbacklinks.com, to identify quality inbound links competition. Buzzsumo.com, it allows us to measure the performance of an article. Wayback marchine , allows us to see previous versions of a website. SEMRush to understand the positioning of a site. Moat.com, allows us to see ads from competitors. Other ways to spy on the competition is through Twitter and Google Alert, which warns us when someone made a comment about a competing brand.

The tools to analyze competition on Twitter are: Riffle Metricspot and Socialbearing gives you all the information and statistics from a user. Rifetag and Tagboard, Tweetbindercan receive statistics of a hashtag and keywords. Retweetrank , allows you to analyze the scope of a Retweet. TwXplorer to see keywords and hashtag account. Followerwonkmakes comparison of the followers of various Twitter accounts. Twitonomy to know the lists, mentions, followers of an account, ideal to follow the profile of the competition. The tools to analyze competition in Facebook are: Likealyzer , Fanpage karma , quintly .

Choose a niche, a region or a group of people, then discover which are all companies that are fighting for that market. Make a list of companies with profiles similar to yours, it analyzes the social media profiles of its customers and takes trends, for example if your customers are young entrepreneurs. In all companies look at your services, and what are underused angles, what services can offer economically, what services you develop better are, what the needs of that niche, what are your dissatisfactions, and how you can meet. Make a list of companies, influencers and people who make publications of interest to your target audience, follow them, and check what they publish, reviews the comments and likes. For example, if you are a marketing company, your customers consume marketing plans related materials, look who makes these publications and who gives me love. With google alerts notifies you when someone mentions your competition, with hunters social networks look who’s talking live a topic, look who make comments or give me like, then look at your profile on social networks, discover where she works, visit company website identifies the mail, and sending proposal.


Regarding the affiliate marketing is the best way to make money with a blog or even if you have no job and are looking to make money using the Internet. To promote, put a notice that advertises a business, you create a promoting a product, or just leave a link to your Web article. Then, when through these links, you promote the company gets a customer, then they get paid. A great place to start with affiliate marketing is ClickBank, in which you can earn money by promoting other companies, for which all you would need is a link that leads to the product page, and if they buy, then you win a commission. If you do not have a website or blog, but you’re promoting good, then you can do it very easily using a Landing Page or Email Marketing. You can also make money with ClickBank, selling your own products and paying for the other affiliates promote.

Other pages for affiliate marketing are: Click2Sell, which does not charge merchants for opening an account. JVZoo , who also earn money by recommending affiliate. Paydotcom , which pays commissions up to 80%. Commission Junction, on this if you have a website, and you earn money when a form is completed, download application or a sale is made. Amazon, while not pay much, can promote any product, for example you can write an article called: “The 5 best technology articles” links and send them to the affiliate product.

We can say that affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity to make money online. If not employed, internet gives you different ways to make money. You can dedicate yourself to make articles and videos as explained in paragraph 12 of this course online marketing, and through Google AdSense, earn money by putting advertising on your blog, also with affiliate marketing. If you know you will not do to make money; then you can learn a skill such as editing videos through YouTube, and then sell your services on a website as I have explained in point 57 of the guide. Finally, another way to make money is to sell products and services to large companies like Google or Microsoft that pay very good commissions. I recommend reading the articles: 200 ways to make money online , 50 sites useful for your website or blog .

If you have a good idea and want to get funding for your project, then you can use platforms like: SociosInversores.com and kickstarter.com.


You must be clear how it will work your marketing funnel. In it, all the processes that allow you to attract the attention of users classify, convert once they hit your page, and loyalty. Is the path and the steps you need to follow a prospect to become a customer. Here we must ask: How do I get more conversions?, How can create a viral content ?, What are the simplest steps you should take the customer to buy ?, What part of the funnel is failing ?, What cost us to bring a customer ?, How those attracted customers are generating profits to offset the effort invested ?.

To create your Inbound Marketing strategy, you must have a map of the current situation, from there, you must ask where you want to go, what your goals a year. You must analyze all the steps and all angles: Promotions, Design, Measurement. It is very important to identify your audience and where it is, and finally how’ll attract. You must put in a box Excel at least a list of 20 ways to attract customers, then you must define what you can do in each of them, ranked in order, as viability. Defines cost of each strategy, you have to invest budget. Make a list of tasks. Implemented, measured, it takes a historical and improvement.


A first effort is to make the person who comes to your site, stick with the intension of purchase. Here you should ask, what image, text and sections I add on my website to buy me?. To help in this task you must use the Text A / B with Google Analytics. The next effort you should do is look for the way your customer visits the site several times, and the best way is to make the client find everything you need in one place. Ask yourself: How to transfer the office manual processes to automated processes on the website?, How through my website can economize processes in the company ?.

Today people are very dependent on their mobile, they take to each place where they go, and also consult it at every moment. So your thoughts, your strategy should be directed to activities that your prospects and customers can make a mobile. The more facilites processes from mobile, the better. Make a list of processes that the client can perform from a mobile device, and from it create an application.

Every day you should spend some time thinking about how to make life easier for people who use their services, using mobile.


You must create a psychological, social and demographic profile of your ideal client, and methods to address them. Discover your insights, from answering questions like: What is the unmet market need?, What is the lifestyle of my followers ?, How to describe my mark ?. What websites visit?. On the websites you find comments, followers on social networks and from there find your prospect.

Before investigating your audience, you should make a list of keywords with seeking your services on the Internet, this is the way we can find in different parts through the search tools.

Use tools like Google Insights, offers tools such as Google Trends, Google Consumer Surveys , Google Correlate to analyze trends. Google Trends is indispensable for analyzing looking people on the Internet, make a product comparison, determining that should be promoted more strongly and that places. Google Alerts to put a word related to your service and receive notifications if someone mentions something about it, this helps you identify potential buyers.

Use Audience Insights, to analyze audiences on Facebook, there you can discover how organizes facebook tastes of people, and according to this, you can then use the search engine to find pages related facebook, look at those who give me love. Those people who give me like, may be potential buyers and should look at your profile on facebook to discuss the need. Facebook is where the largest database of customers of all countries and sectors is, and is the starting point for small entrepreneurs, people who have a service, but they do not have enough money or knowledge to set up a web page. You can find people who are growing their business and looking for all kinds of materials at low prices. If you have identified your target audience are SMEs, business pages and Facebook stores are a good start, it presents a good deal. For example, if you are a website designer, you can email offering a design and how this website you will generate more profits.

Twitter Analytics to track the performance of events, audience interests, and other details. Audience is the best analysis and management tools for twitter. Twitter finder takes you directly to those who need a service like yours. Use different tools to analyze twitter conversations and thus easily detect your prospects. Tweetbinder , TweetReach , Keyhole ,Twazzup .

Tools like Ninjaoutreach , to find your audience in different media, it gives you contact details and allows you to send mail. As you in researching and getting information, it is important to register all the data you’ve found in all their social networks in a CRM, as we discussed in section 64. This allows analyze trends, favorable to the achievement of objectives points and progress on a task.

Look for companies and customers who have a product with low competition, which is new, and you can serve or be of interest to any of the services you offer. For example, make a list of all the services offered by your company, and leading specify which sectors they can serve. Use the yellow pages to look at all the categories and sectors there.Once you have the main categories for a particular service, then look at Google said the service, to see which ones appear first and then analyze what keywords they are using.These keywords will serve to seek more information on social networks about groups that remain, who needs a service and more. The other option is to use businesses listed in the directory to find them on the Internet, watch your social profiles, your employees, your mail, and from contact with the decision maker and make an offer. Look specifically for companies that need it most, most interesting is going to be your product, and the easier it is to contact a decision maker.

Organize the list of all the services offered, the list of sectors and professionals who need these services, and the list of companies where they are. Define your target, or a defined public sector may like your profile segment. Defines characteristics has the profile of your target: if they are conservative, if they are investors, whether they are SMEs or large companies, who can offer a good price or improvements over the competition. Identifies where they are, where groups of Facebook, which pages they visit. Identify all social networks in which the person is, read the profile to obtain all relevant information to make a sale, identify your comments, your product needs, their dissatisfactions.Determine how long a person in the company, which has influence level, what is your thinking, what are your hobbies, to thereby prepare a speech that is compelling.

Classify all its conclusions in a picture called LEAN KEDS Enter the following data: Problem, solution to apply value proposition or our idea will receive value for the customer, metric measurement, advantages of our idea against the competition, demographics ideal client, that Internet channels are and how you can communicate with him, what are the costs in time and money for the process, which would profit.


Networking is a way to meet new people in the context of business relations or professions to build and nurture a network of personal contacts. Stay in touch with them to let them know our interests or our professional activity, to build trust and dialogue in the long run.

Social sellings is to develop relationships as part of the sales process, monitor social networks, profiles, groups and pages, looking for opportunities, those seeking suppliers of those in need of a service, which will be an excuse to start a conversation direct, this avoids the need for cold calls to companies, which pass through the filters of people who are not interested and also subject to availability of the data subject. It is also done through the relevant interest groups, which gives you more reach, exposure and confidence.

You can use Linkedin, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter for Networking and establish a professional network, through which you can meet new customers and Social Selling. In the section on social networks, talk about how to get followers on each social network. Of course, you must think how to perceive the other to offer value, and that person feels the need to keep in touch with you. Spend good time to develop a good message, before sending it to the new contacts. Endeavor to build as many contacts, you can use LinkedIn Connected. Follow all possible companies, participate in all groups; so your network and visibility grow much.

To do this well, you must develop the ability of business to establish what you want to achieve, how and how long. You must have a plan and further parameters for measuring results, for example: Percentage of response to your posts, those of you who see your profile added, likes publications.

Once you have the business segment to which to focus, then you must define who are those contacts that will serve as an ally and where to find them. You can contact a person from a skill or knowledge from within a company. Develop a specific customer profile, a specific niche, a type of audience that can tell them the same thing, to avoid making messages for everyone. Find the best of all those niches. Make a list of the top 10 and features.

Add to those who already know to reach their contacts and you can then present to other contacts. You must synchronize your contact email and then look to existing customers in the search of Linkedin, Twitter or Google Plus. Through them, you will reach new contacts. Make a segmented search for these prospects in the search box LinkediIn, Twitter or Google Plus. Find people with similarities to yours to generate empathy, locate your colleagues visited profiles. Then you should make a list of the people you want to contact: List of professionals to whom you can sell products, list of influencers, list Networking or people with whom I maintain a contact list of colleagues in industry to analyze their contacts, list of persons in a related sector for alliances or sell additional services and similar profiles to your current customers. Analyzes contacts from your contacts, so better choose who they can present you.

Under the contacts you have and usually your ranking in the results. The next step is to search the box according pages, communities, groups or individuals, and write the keywords related to the activity. If you search on LinkedIn and Twitter, you can separate keywords with quotes. In the case of Twitter, you must use AND or OR to search multiple words. When you find a contact from a colleague in the industry, you can look at your contacts to see if there might be someone of interest. Identify who can be a potential customer, in their interests, aptitudes, or comments. Analyzes whether a contact you can contact with the decision maker in a company.

In the section job search by keyword and select filters, jobs and shows you which of your contacts are in the company. You can save searches and send you email alerts. In addition, through one of your contacts, you can request to present you with a choice of LinkedIn. Read the jobs on page LinkedIn Company in the offers listed on search engines.Adapt its services to the need and develop an irresistible offer that shows the advantage of having an employee, offer a complementary service, training. Locate the Mail HR staff, the boss, or who makes the decision, and convene a meeting to introduce himself.

You should invest good time looking at groups of Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn people who need a service like yours, and appear at the time they make a comment related. For example, someone makes a comment that the car crashed, then you’re doing track and naturally offer him a car. Another example is someone shows pictures of newlyweds in Facebook, then you do track and then naturally you send a promotion with a game room. Then contact to offer a solution to your needs. You must become an expert at identifying customers when they are investigating to make the purchase decision. Make a list of all your products and services, and all the words that at some point will use someone who needs them. Choose a product and specific service, use the keywords to start to look for them in social networks. Once you locate the prospectus, under its necessity focuses on the specific benefit that will give you a solution.

A company must follow in all their social networks that can give us ideas for conversations or offers. Visit the company pages, determine how many employees you have and its various communication channels. Add several people who make decisions within an organization. Know the groups which are their contacts and professionals who want to sell, to understand that issues they are concerned that talk, office to see if they have decision-making power. Company profile allows us to analyze the type of offering, and who can be the gateway from view contacts in first grade. Profile presentation we can see they offer and what the needs are. Explore talking about which are the main contacts that interest me, set alerts, follow publications, commenting that issues share information.
Create a sales strategy in Social Media, you must decide whether you will use a search strategy, which you can receive alerts, or visibility through very active and interactive, publishing in profile and groups, things that are really interesting, tailored to needs material. You must make a strategic participation scheduled, search topics, look number of participants, and that time will participate. Start by creating a group that appeals specifically to your target, if it exists, then I participated, to make comments, ask questions, share data. If you share an item, add an additional comment or question to generate conversation. Sure to be relevant, invites debate, avoid self-promotion, to form reputation.Dedicate good time to share, recommend and comment on posts from your potential customers. That comment should have interesting facts.

LinkedIn strategy is to contact someone who is not influential, but has an interesting contact, you offer validate certain skills, then you present. If you look at the profile of someone, that person can look yours, then contact can excuse. Send invitation with an additional message. Hi I saw you visited my profile and I wonder if I can help with anything, although I would like if you see fit, to keep in touch through this medium. If you argue that you send invitation is more likely to accept you. Take some time to search for quality contacts. In the part of interested, contact shows interest, so from there we can justify the connection. Mentioning acquaintances in common as a reference. In a space of 100 words, the matter is motivating, write the profile contents motivated him to write.
Sort contacts by group, circles or labels, defining whether they are potential customers, if you can sell them a specific product. LinkedIn Premium accounts in sales using navigator and Lead Builder, you can specify the type of industry and job title of the person to contact. Fine details all the features of your contacts with tags so you can easily find them under the task you are going to perform. Define the type of relationship you want to keep, how often, and keep track of what happens in the relationship.

Look when connected. In the part of contact updates you will know when and how long is usually connected. You can integrate social networks Sales Force to view real-time updates of your contacts and thus send message immediately, this will give you high chances that you respond. All information go picking your leaflets, you must be keeping a CRM.

Organizes each of your contacts depending on the level of support it can be for your business, you look and how you’re going to be in touch with them. Make a personalized service to the most influential, call them or send personalized emails. Define the message that will be transmitted. Adapt the commercial message and sales presentation for that client. Develop documents that you think may be interested, either computer graphics, video or presentations. Set the first contact or request an interview. Study well the company, introduce yourself and offer timely help, note their needs, and send value proposition, how you are the solution. Keys as sending a good message, the jotted down in point 19.


Looking for a popular site, such as sites offers, comparators, directories, magazines, and then find a way so that from there, get new traffic to your site. These sites have better seo positioning, hundreds of professionals offer their services there, many people sell their products at very favorable prices, so you should have a space to offer your products. Examples of these sites are Groupon , Craigslist , Free Market , Fiverr , Clickbank generally sites that are well known, and through which you can make yourself known. It is easier to contact you by these means, by your website. This should be a task of the first to be done.


Implement strategies and methodologies to help us sell out old merchandise to make us buy again, for example, lower prices, provide a minimum viable product, provide a sample of the product for 30 days, implement a system points for a free product, establish a referral system, create a system range of customers, offering discounts for quantity, offer cross selling. A very interesting strategy is to offer the service without charging anything for him, but in a good percentage is obtained by customers who succeeds in obtaining. This works especially with companies that left hundreds or profits million, product sales.


What better way to publicize your business ally with another company, which ideally complements the services you offer; thus you will bring customers, and attracts to you, some new customers. You do not need to be in the same country, identify with all your contacts who can make an alliance. You can also contact companies that offer complementary services to yours, it offers commissions contact ends for sale. Surely in your midst you noticed as someone seeking certain services you do not offer; then look to the competence of the most influential and offers a methodology for clients, provides the development of something that they need, let them notice something that fail and offers a solution, then you can ask to recommend. Here the phrase: “Give to receive” is the key.

You can also offer incentives or commissions to bring in new customers. Find a country where you can have good reception, where your product is better than the competition by a more complete portfolio or for a better price, and contact a vendor that offers its services.


A first step is to focus on your product, be sure that really meets the needs of your customer; it really is a solution and an answer to a real need. According W. Chan Kim, in his book “Blue Ocean Strategy”, instead of implementing a strategy to compete in the same industry than others, must implement Blue Ocean Strategy, which is to find new ways of meeting customer needs, not to compete with other companies that do the same. Ask yourself, What other way I can present this product ?, What unmet needs does the customer ?. Write down all ideas on a sheet, and choose the most viable.

With regard to products there are two types of strategies. Today expects to find everything in one place, in the style of a supermarket. So one option is to create a wide range of services; but this is not always feasible for those who are starting, and therefore must choose between what you can do and are interested in the public, an attractive and viable product. You must specialize in it, which is the spearhead of the business, and that is better than anything that has the market. Then you think how you are going to move that product to a digital environment. Before choosing a base product, you must specialize in listening to your audience, and discover their true needs, because you would buy and why they would not. An idea on paper looks good for you, but then in the application, this idea may seem unfeasible others. For example there who devised a app to find public toilets and help women in times of need, then he account his audience not frequent public toilets. In these cases you must do what is called in the LEAN methodology, swing entrepreneurship, ie, adapt the development, modify under customer needs.

When creating a web product, the most important thing is to look at the perception that people have about the product. You must work enough for product description, function, match the needs to be met, and that is quickly understood when reading. Then you must provide the visitor, the way to communicate with you, this is through calls to action. An interesting strategy is to leave your phone number, or even an option to call immediately to your company, and this should go into the product page itself. This action can greatly improve conversion rates, since it is often easier to call to start writing an email, in addition to the fear of SPAM. For example Facebook pages have this option. There are several options to put a button to call from any country now. The most viable option is to use Skype , so that seeing that button on your site and anyone with Skype you can call immediately. Another option worth exploring is Click2Call.

Once your customers you have, you must bring your product to levels above average quality, and this is achieved by understanding the user experience. You should make sure if your product really meets the needs of your client, ask what they like about your product, which aspects do not generate a good experience. Ask yourself: How I can make my product is perceived value ?. Make a list of the weaknesses of your product and your company; make another list of the processes that take away more time and energy. Then acquires knowledge and actions to turn them into strengths. Performs updates of your products, and sell them as if they were something new.
Many focus exclusively on getting new customers and neglect retention. A satisfied customer is a flow of money for a long time, and if they recommend our products, then you will not need to advertise . Once you get a customer, you must develop strategies to ensure that you re-buy, and also, through them, get new customers. You must not let this process on their own initiative, but you should encourage them to do so. For example you can implement training to learn new uses of the product, create a customer area, engage them in projects of new product development, giving rewards for referrals.


Once you’re big, you should look for ways to continue growing through test new markets. The modern world runs through globalization, in which large multinationals outperform small businesses and stifle the timid attempts to entrepreneurs with good ideas. At this point you have to ask: How do I get to new cities? What new product can include ?, What processes are obsolete ?, How can I convert my business in a solutions center ?, How can integrate few known sectors and valuable to my company ?.

Search unexploited niches, neglected, and reaches that region. Niches in other languages, where no such services and that the region needs. For this purpose, it is essential touse Google Trends, as it tells you the search trends of a keyword in a given region. Discover your niches where prices can make a difference, either for lack of jurisdiction or because your business model lets you save a level that others can not. Before entering a country, you should get a wealth of information in newspapers, YouTube videos, Facebook groups, pages of companies.
You must compare the cost of living between cities, with tools like: mundi Prices , www.expatistan.com , www.ifitweremyhome.com , www.indexmundi.com , comparea.org ,thetruesize.com , oecdbetterlifeindex.org , www. numbeo.com, www.humuch.com , www.costedelavida.com . Find the immigration laws on a page as icex.es .
You should also advise you of the economy of each country with The Economist. The Economist found the Big Mac index , with which we can know the cost of living of a country based on the cost of a hamburger MAC. To learn more tables you can visit Statista.com , and bigmacindex.org . To use a converter Big Mac index, visitbigmacindexconverter.com .
Need advice to develop strategies?


Find out how to reach the consumer mind using psychological triggers and methods.
All of the above is likely that many companies are implementing in your business; but what is a real novelty is the Neuromarketing, and in the way we work in our company, is in harnessing knowledge of human behavior, psychology of the masses, and discoveries every day offers us the neurosciences one way that we can apply to the marketing actions with a view to obtaining sales. For many decades, large companies have invested in studies to analyze the consumer’s mind , and it is on this basis that marked the way we buy. It is in the knowledge of the consumer’s mind, the methodology to speak to that instinctive and emotional part in solving the preventions that arise in the minds of people, where is success.


The internet moves titles. What we see in a social network, AdWords ads and on a leash, they are just titles, and it is on this basis that we open the mail, and share many publications in social networks unread. If you want to succeed online you must become an expert to write catchy titles. The main key is to introduce words that create some kind of curiosity or emotion. Make titles with the same care as the humorist choose phrases for humor. Some words are: Facilitates, Long Life, Celebrate, Colossal, hungry, Results, cool, unusual, Breathe, hypnotist, Specialist, Tested, Wonderful, Solution, Engaged, Future, Realistic, Daring. With words how are you, you should be able to compose a phrase that benefit idea or solution.


According to experts and researchers, the imagination tends to manipulate memory, and the reason for this is that you might think you get to be confused with the memories, because the brain does not have the ability to remember events as they happened , always information is added or removed. That’s why no one has the same I happen equally. Moreover humans we like to tell us stories, so we go to the movies, and so strengthen our social relations based on stories they tell us or we. Learn to tell a good story in your article in your e – mail, images public, will allow you to connect in a personal way with your reader, and also influence your buying decision. A good story is what makes youthink a consumer who needs the product.


The Zeigarnik Effect is named after Soviet psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik, who published a study of why humans forget about the tasks we finished, and we tend to remember the unfinished tasks. The explanation is that the things we did not finish, generated in the mind a conflict, stress, only be resolved at the end of this pending task. It is this tendency to complete tasks which forces us to do things to culminarlas, and here we enter. For example, in an email message; leave something pending that only complete when visiting the website, YouTube talk that social networks are going to publish something of great interest. Create a custom that every action you do on social networks, email and blog, you must leave an unfinished task, to be completed in another channel marketing.


According to Maria Veloso, author of the wonderful book: Web Copy That Sells. Through psychological techniques, we can influence the decisions of our readers, using the basic principle: Win win, lose fear and ego. If for example you write an ad stimulating the ego of people, or their sense of power, it is likely to notice that I succeed.


In his book, Triggers, Joe Sugarman, it speaks of 30 psychological triggers that we can use to generate some reaction to our audience. A trigger is an event that arises at a certain time and produces an inevitable action. One example is the principle of consistency, if you make a person asserts something, then to be consistent with their words, that person must end by that action.


Seth Godin, is their best seller tribes, talks about the need for us humans to be part of a group, and hence the success of social networks . Humans we like to band together and be part of something, so that we do not feel isolated. The most important thing within a tribe, is the leader, which gives a sense of security and protection. Without leaders no followers, and that is why you must inspire others through their actions, become a benchmark in the market in order to get those followers. Moreover, Seht Godin tells us that in the midst of such a saturated market, the only way to stand out is to be different from others. For example, if you go by a highway and see a group of cows equal, all you could get your attention, is a purple cow. We must create a product, or make our company, that purple cow.


Robert Cialdini a renowned psychologist at the University of Arizona, development of communication rules, which can apply in our marketing processes. For example, is the principle of reciprocity, which we feel obliged to reciprocate a favor we do. This applies when you offer a free material. The principle of authority, which obey symbols that represent a hierarchy. The principle of scarcity, in which we are attracted by few products, which we can even expect to pay more.


In 1999 a group of researchers created a set of 95 theses that would help companies address a technological world in which we relate to our customers in a more humane and closely. It tells us that markets are conversations between human beings, and there are no secrets, enough corporate rhetoric of adding value to products. Markets are smarter, more informed. Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors, so we spent much of our conversation with others online time. To generate sales, we must turn away from the machines, and communicate in a personalized way.


In his book “Fascinate” Sally Hogshead tells us that the fascination is the force of attraction that generates a state of immersion approach, which can trigger all sorts of instincts.We all carry in us dormant instincts to hunt, to control, to feed. In humans there are emotions that trigger fascination as forecast pleasure, the need to solve a puzzle, the need for adventure, the need to earn respect, the desire to give in to any temptation, break some rules to feel the control. The key to awaken these feelings, lies in making us feel through the words, turn the ordinary into exciting new appetites awaken, to bring the mind to new places.


Today there is much talk of offering a list of benefits, but the benefits are often not useful for most; but with regard to the needs, everyone has them. So instead of benefits, create needs. Point out those things in the life of the person, in which your product offers a solution, then see that without their product, some conflicts are generated. All human beings are full of conflict, what happens is that we forget them. His job is to not forget the conflicts that arise from not having your product.

The task is to analyze the needs of your target audience, of which of them can cover your business, then you should start writing sentences to make them realize the need and how you are the best solution. The task is to analyze the needs of your target audience, of which of them can cover your business, then you should start writing sentences to make them realize the need and how you are the best solution people must take now. People forget, so you must act now.